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Look development for banner ads, journal covers, and web elements.


SMART Network
Biopharmaceutical clients


Autodesk Maya
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Cinema 4D


Magazine Cover

The Royal Canadian Institute of Science provides a platform for public engagement with leading scientists, to foster critical thinking, expand science dialogue and promote informed decision making. Cover story: “Science and Community”.


RCIS: A History

Another commission by RCIS, this time for the background info on the organization’s own history. The founder of RCIS, Sir Sandford Fleming was a Canadian engineer and inventor.  He promoted standard time zones and the use of the 24-hr clock, which eventually influenced the creation of Coordinated Universal Times. Dates of major RCIS events are hidden within this illustration. In the final presentation of the infographic, descriptions were added to the page. 


Journal Cover

Commissioned by The University of Ottawa Science Undergraduate Research Journal. Cover story: “A Better Red: Increasing the Brightness of Red Fluorescence Protein Using Saturation Mutagenesis ”


SMART Research Network Banner

Commissioned by the Nerve Regeneration research group depicting the Research Network motto: “from bench to bedside”.


Flu Facts Pink Sheet

A data visualization project later distributed by biopharmaceutical client, this patient education piece use simple, monochrome line drawings to introduce the general public with basic flu facts and the importance of vaccination.

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