Flu Facts Pink Sheet

Flu Fact Pink Sheet – A Redesign

   “Protect the Circle of Life – The Flu and You” is a patient education piece targeting the Native American community. The original design was designed for print as a 2-page letter size (8.5×11’’) document. Though the document takes the target audience’s cultural background and literacy level into consideration, while delivering high volume information with clarity and hierarchy, issues such as lack of patient engagement and presence of “chartjunk” –– visual elements that is unnecessary to communicate information clearly and understandably, still present.

    The “Circle of Life” document arranges its content as follows: the document first explains what is the flu, then engages the readers by describing symptoms of the flu, and lastly encourages the reader to get vaccinated. The redesign recognizes these objectives and therefore, organizes the visual narrative using these objectives as a guideline. Instead of complete sentences, however, the redesign employs simple statements and establishes the contexts using monochrome illustrations of consistent style. The illustrations also try to avoid visual cliches such as disproportionately large syringes (which may intensify “fear of needles”), or prescription drugs as candy-like loose tablets and capsules (downplays the fact that antivirals that treat flu are prescription drugs).

    The redesign also attempts to reduce inessential visual elements such as, excessive typefaces, colored backgrounds and borders that are inefficient in creating reading gravity, and the gradient-background meant to anchor and emphasize the 2-column layout. The borders surrounding the redesigned illustrations not only serve to establish the basic grid of the layout, but also interacts with the contents of the illustration to add more context, variation, and dimensionality to otherwise, flat and uniform (and borderline-repetitive) representations of similar subject matter. The lien-art, monochrome style of the redesign makes the final print highly scalable. The redesign is print-friendly, and can be print as small as 11×17’’ or as large as 27 x 41’’. The vector illustration assets may also use to create motion-graphics as part of an animation project, which may further engage the audience.