Communicate science in style

Achieve your communication goals with a wide range of clear, impactful visuals.

Master’s Research Project


Flip through my thoughts before the ink dries into pixels.

Process Showcase

I write about my inspiration, trials and errors, and test renders.

Science in a different light.

Communicate your research in style with a wide range of clear, impactful visuals.


Flip through my thoughts before the ink dries into pixels.

Process showcase

I write about my inspiration, trials and errors, and test renders.

Master's Reseach Project

 A patient education video following surgery candidates’ journey from diagnosis to treatment. This animation aims to 1) educate all preoperative patients on the risk of anemia, and 2) to improve awareness of PBM using character animation.

What is medical illustration? Why hire a medical illustrator?

Like other professional artists, we solve visual problems. We work with researchers, physicians, or other content experts to make complex science and medical jargon accessible for different audiences.


Medical illustrators are...


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Good visual solutions only comes from a thorough understanding of the problem. That’s why before starting any creative process, medical illustrators often spend a lot of time conducting background research. This includes reading scientific papers, interviewing content experts, observing surgeries, or visiting a lab.

Most medical illustrators have advanced training in both life sciences and visual communication, often a master’s degree from an accredited graduate program. Accredited programs all feature a combination of science courses along with art training, including anatomy, pathology, biochemistry, and neuroanatomy.



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We do more than just making your content pretty.  Think of an anatomical feature that’s too difficult to capture, a molecule too small to be seen, or a series of interactions with too many uncertainties in between –– it takes more than an eye for aesthetic to interpret the data at hand, and synthesize the data into visuals.

Early adopters

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Contrary to popular belief, ink and paper are not the only things in our toolkit. Medical illustrators know that the industry is constantly evoving with technology, and that’s why they will always be learning. You will find medical illsutrators specialize at every stage of the digital production –– designing, storyboarding, 3d-modelling, animating, rendering, or programming.

my top skills


2D Animation, Motion Design

Explainer animations, character animations, motion design, storyboarding, and visual development.

Instructional Design

My teaching experience covers biology, graphic design, data visualization, and visualizing anthropological data.


Fluent in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Experienced in handling didactic, scientific, and editorial subjects.

3D Modeling and Animation

Fluent in Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D. Experienced in creating molecular and cellular visualizations.

Informaton Visualization, UI/UX

Data processing, infographics, wireframing for web and iOS. Fluent in Adobe XD, InDesign, Illustrator, and Sketch.

Video Editing

Fluent in Adobe Premiere. Experienced in handling long, multi-camera footage. Familiar with all steps of video production.

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